Bowed Part Problem - Universal Tube - 8/16/2002
ABBOTT FURNACE Serial# AB201-10934-UTI-0396
The Belt speed is running at 14 inches per min. The First Zone is at 1100, the 2nd Zone is at 1250, the 3rd and 4th zones are at 1800. The First Cooling zone has water leaving at 145, the 2nd Cooling Zone has water leaving at 104, the 3rd Cooling Zone has water leaving at 96, and the last has water leaving at 92. All of the Coolers are working with the Temperature control valves. We are inserting the Atmosphere in front of the First Curtain Box, We have always inserted the Atmosphere right after the High Heat but are trying this alternate location. The Nitrogen Mix Manifold is set for 1600 and the Hydrogen Mix Manifold Blend is set for 110.

The tube is 5/16 diameter by .028 wall by 26 inches long. The tube is PBW - Plain Bundy Weld.

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