Giving a Bender a Make-Over


Back view of the Bender Wednesday morning.  
  Closer view of the back side, for as old as it is it really isnt so bad but the added on transformer is kind of sloppy.
The wire color code was from when this Bender was hooked up to an Enerpac pump!  
  Front view of the Bender.
Andy and the Bender.  
  The Pushbutton controls. Someone is a menace with the spray paint.
The Right side with the disconnect switch.  
  The fitting of the new system continues.
Don secures a cable.  
  Looking for something
Frank is loading in the program.  
  See the new palms have been put in their places.
Frank and Ray do more computer stuff.  
  The back side all shiny and new.
The Pushbuttons cleaned up by Adam.  
  Bender back ready for production Friday afternoon.

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